Bush Dry Cleaners
-Home of the environmentally friendly GreenEarth Cleaning process-

Bush Cleaners Convenience
'7' Drop-Off Locations

We provide:
Free pick-up & delivery all around our communities provided by '7+' convenient locations.
All clothing that is Dry Cleaned or Laundered will be delivered back to home, work, business, or office at no extra charge!
There is a Bush Cleaners Drop-off location near you.
1. Five star awards 206 6th street
(corner of 6th & Water)
2. Hamilton Boulevard HyVee
(Customer Service Counter)
3. Drug Town HyVee on 27th St.
(Across from St. Lukes)
4. Bush Cleaners home office and main plant-1415 Morningside Avenue.
(Located one quarter block from the central campus of Morningside College)
5. Village Square
6. Bluff Stop Convenience Store in Sgt. Bluff
'7+' Southern Hills, Gordon Drive & South Sioux HyVee Stores
'Bush Dry Cleaners and Launders' has locations throughout the Greater Siouxland Region.
We look forward to seeing you and your beautiful clothing at one of these convenient locations.


Your comments and compliments have been beneficial in helping us
to select the best locations from which to serve you.
If you need additional help and guidance in finding one of our locations
then you can see mapped locations HERE
Please contact us for any comments or questions.

Time Saving Convenience

Call Bush and have them set up a regular pickup schedule for you.
(712) 276-3412
Clothing cleaned or laundered at Bush will make you... One of the cleanest shows in town!
Your clothes will look newer and last longer. The colors will be brighter.

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