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Bush Cleaners

Providing Dry Cleaning & Laundering Services At Their Professional Best!

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We Are Open '6' Days Weekly
Monday thru Friday
7:00 am - 6:00 pm
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We are closed on Sundays!
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*An Important Point*
Bush provides 'FREE' Pickup and Delivery
The easiest way to send all of your items that require drycleaning or laundering
to Bush Drycleaners and Launderers.

About the GreenEarth® process...
Why it is

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The patented GreenEarth® Cleaning process replaces the outmoded harsh petroleum-based chemicals used in old-fashioned dry cleaning establishments.
Several years ago, Bush Dry Cleaners replaced those outmoded methods with a process that is friendly to the environment. That's why it is called GreenEarth® .
The GreenEarth® process is environmentally friendly and it is friendly to your clothing because it is a non-toxic, silicone-based cleaning process.
Our GreenEarth® process will make your clothing feel softer, look brighter, and smell fresh and clean!
GreenEarth® Cleaning is so gentle that it can be used safely on delicate fabrics and trims.
These items can be safely cleaned without the time consuming application of additional
harsh solvents and other fabric unfriendly cleaning agents.
Bush Drycleaners and their GreenEarth® process will save you money because it is better for your clothing,
GreenEarth® logobetter for the environment, and because of the shorter process time involved...

Bush Cleaners and GreenEarth® are a team that will enhance the wearability and longevity of your clothing.
Clothing Manufacturers can trust Bush because they are a GreenEarth® licensed drycleaner that will provide,
that certain extra...that 'TLC' needed for fashionable attire.
Garments cleaned by Bush, a licensed GreenEarth® professional, is an assurance that those fabrics are receiving
the best in gentle life preserving care.

GreenEarth® is actively working with retailers and manufacturers around the world to offer a consumer-centric, sustainable solution for garment aftercare. That's why we say, Bush Cleaners and GreenEarth® is...

Our Laundry Services Will Save Time & Money

Bush Cleaners offers FREE pick-up and delivery for any two lbs. of laundry. They will give it their TLC washing process.
BUSH will wash it, dry it, fold it, wrap it, and deliver it back at... No Extra Charge!

All of this convenience for only $1.25 per lb.
This incredible value is a web page special.
(Minimum of two lbs to be eligible for free pickup and delivery)

Consider for a moment the cost of water, detergent, bleach, gasoline, wear and tear on your home laundry equipment plus... time and energy expended. The complete laundry services at Bush represent intelligent savings for busy, thrifty household managers.

Send your laundry out with your items for dry cleaning.
Bush will do it all and deliver it back to you for no extra charge!
Total time saving convenience is yours. Call today and have us set up a regular pickup/delivery schedule for you.
Tel: 712 276-3412